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“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”

Antoine de Saint- Exupery

It’s about you. You know that. We’ve never been together but that means a lot to me because I have loved you that way.

You have always been far away from me because I like to fight the odds and come near you.
Now, I don’t remember if I ever saw you. You might have seen me and this might be true for the rest of the world.

I’ve come so far now, deep down I’ve found a place to…

And this is about you.

Ever wondered why we behave the way we behave and later sometimes it makes us regret how we reacted during some of the conversations.

Feeling sorry for the 25 years old couple fighting over something very silly on their 25th marriage anniversary in front of the guests. That literally spoils your day, ahan!

Many people have some shortcomings resulting thereafter guilt but now it’s actually time to move past those and be the one to change the direction of conversations. …

aakhein jhapakti nahi h
aankhon pr pehra h tera
© hrdxa

If you’re not the one
Why do i fear losing you when you’re close

If you’re not for me
Then why do i dream of you

If you’re not the one
Why do my eyes search you all the time

If you’re not with me
Would i have the strength to stand at all

If I’m not made for you
Why do i remember every word you say

If you’re not the one
Why do i feel you as my wife

You know I’ve wasted half of my time
Hoping to see you again by the time,
I hope I love you…

Yeah! I feel you. (Image source: Medium)

When I was duped by myself.

I’ve been there, where you are completely a different person and you know everything about what’s going on around you but when the truth gets in your way, somewhere you would fall short to explain it to the nib, and honestly, I was someone I never knew I could be. But, I was.

If I actually compare the old me, the one that made others believe that he was perfect at everything and the now me, the one who finds shit equals perfectionism, I am devastated to see the changes that life brought by hook or crook.

Problems with being fake.

While you’re someone…

Together is a powerful word.

Everyday feels like a different life to live and it becomes a life story to me.
When the night begins you start to talk to me.

Though, during the day you pretend not talking to me, like you’re upset about me caring too much for you .

While the Sun cruzes over, it’s just me speaking to you all the time and then I look at you in the corner of my heart and wait for you to say atleast something even if then you have to say that it’s getting too boring to listen to me. …

Image credits: HC

Jab tak muh nahi khulta
sambhal leta hoon

pr kabhi kabhi khana khata hoon
to kaboo nahi hota
dill khulne ko rota h
aansu tapakne ko tarasta h

kabhi kabaar to bhook hi nahi lagti
aur kabhi lagti h to kha nahi paata

kya tu itni jaroori h?
harr waqt tera kandha doondhta hoon kyonki hrr aansu andar ki baat batana chahta h

tujhe mehsoos krke uthta hoon
tere khayalon me dooba rhta hoon

kya tu itni jaroori h?

ghanto tak anjaan jageh pr
khada rhta hoon
har pal tujhe dekhne ko tarasta hoon
aankhon ka ab koi kaam nahi rh gaya h

Hope you visit India and get supercalifragilisticexpialidocious changed.

Start getting closer with

Thanks for watching!

When we touched elbows…

When we touched elbows, I felt magic. I never had the courage to do that with anyone else but I felt it enigmatically life-changing with her.

I was sweating and felt cold at the same moment. For me, it turned out more and more than just a physical touch between us.

When we touched elbows, I felt a breeze the same as what we feel when we’re in love and it blew away all the answers of my mind, I was blank, I was out of my mind. …

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

changes are what i hate
changes are what i love,
changes are what i was
changes are what i am.

changes are how i’m lost
changes are how i’m found,
changes are how irritating
changes are how enigmatic.

changes are where i live
changes are where i leave,
changes are where i shit
changes are where i eat.

changes are when i’m sick
changes are when i’m pure,
changes are when i’m hurt
changes are when i’m joy.

The fact that one day everyone will go away from life and from me always pinned my heart at pain.
For it made…


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